From Our President:

I am Andrew Finegan. I am from Wake Forest, NC, and have always been so blessed as to call North Carolina home. I am a senior in Humanities, and will be graduating in the Fall of 2014.

I joined TKE in the fall of 2011 after rushing a few other fraternities. I joined this organization for the closeness and diversity of the brotherhood, and also because of the fun I had with the guys during rush. Joining the fraternity has given me multiple tools for succeeding in school, my personal life, and my professional life as well. I owe my current occupation to the networking that was provided by the fraternity.
While the thought of joining a fraternity may be daunting, our men are certainly going to make you feel welcome, and guarantee that you will have an excellent four years in TKE. The friendships, leadership opportunities, and exciting brotherhood retreats will certainly make your time here worthwhile! Joining this fraternity was the best decision I have made in college, and I hope that you will consider benefiting your college career by doing the same.